Next month (tomorrow) begins Cesarean Awareness Month. For the entire month of April, we are telling stories about women just like yourself. As a women of childbearing age, doula, future childbirth educator, ICAN Chapter Leader and aspiring midwife, I am well aware of the health crisis surrounding maternal health, quality prenatal care and the rise in the rates of cesarean section. But instead of jumping (cause I’m short) on my soapbox, I thought the most real thing would be to share the pregnancy & birth experiences of the women in my community and life circle.

So what am I looking for? Well we can’t have Cesarean Awareness Month without – you guessed it – cesarean stories. So if you have a breech, multiple, CBAC, VBAC, emergency, whatever, please feel free to share. But don’t just stop there (I now sounds like an infomercial) because all stories are welcome. Why? Because it is your story and it reflect your life. So if you have something that has really been on your mind and heart, take a few minutes, write it down and send it to Your story may also be published under a pseudonym or annoymously.

Happy writing!