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We have our first guest blogger!

She is an extraordinary wife, mother and woman of faith that I absolutely adore. Here’s her story, Confessions of a Cesarean Addict



Seeking Guest Writers…

Next month (tomorrow) begins Cesarean Awareness Month. For the entire month of April, we are telling stories about women just like yourself. As a women of childbearing age, doula, future childbirth educator, ICAN Chapter Leader and aspiring midwife, I am well aware of the health crisis surrounding maternal health, quality prenatal care and the rise in the rates of cesarean section. But instead of jumping (cause I’m short) on my soapbox, I thought the most real thing would be to share the pregnancy & birth experiences of the women in my community and life circle.

So what am I looking for? Well we can’t have Cesarean Awareness Month without – you guessed it – cesarean stories. So if you have a breech, multiple, CBAC, VBAC, emergency, whatever, please feel free to share. But don’t just stop there (I now sounds like an infomercial) because all stories are welcome. Why? Because it is your story and it reflect your life. So if you have something that has really been on your mind and heart, take a few minutes, write it down and send it to Your story may also be published under a pseudonym or annoymously.

Happy writing!

It’s Official!

Lakeisha is now an ICAN Chapter Leader! New chapter name is ICAN of Greater Essex County! I am so excited to bring this resource to NJ! More coming soon!

Help Me Pick A Name!

I have no luck with these things. In order to be official I must select a name. Currently, Newark is where I live and is my hometown, but I also want to have a broad appeal. My sister chapters in NJ are by county although in many other states, they represent a city and sometimes a region.

So help a sister out! What do you think the name should be, please vote below or place in the comments section!


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Last week, I made the leap and paid my application fee to become a International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) Chapter Leader for my county. In my dealings with women, I am finding more women who have undergone cesarean section surgery for the delivery of their babies than those those who have not. I’ve met mothers who believed that their initial surgery may have been unnecessary, given the circumstances behind it, but  felt powerless to do any differently. I’ve spoken with women who desperately want to have a vaginal birth but cannot find a care provider who will support her informed consent and autonomy, especially when her risk are low and the likelihood of the re-occurrence of the previous cause for surgery are slim to none. I’ve met women who were ridiculed and bullied into having repeat surgery. I have spoken with mothers who simply didn’t know her options during and after the birth of her baby. For all of those women, I present to you ICAN of Essex County,  New Jersey.  Want to know more about ICAN, check here! Look out for meetings in the late summer and fall!

P.S. Going to the ICAN Conference in April! Quite excited! Looking forward to meeting so many wonderful people and learning a lot of great things to bring back to you!

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